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Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council - Bringing Solid Waste Management and Education to Rural Communities

My Environment - for Pre-K to Grade 1

Meets goals 17C, 22C, 4A, 13B - Power Point

How Do They Do That? (video)
How Do They Do That? (video)
30 min., ages 5-10, see how resources are mined, collected and processed to become the products and structures we use everyday. Shows the recycling process as well as how paper and glass are made.

Its Eco-Logic (video)
16 min., grades 4-7, Micheal struggles with his ecology assignment until he contacts (by computer) Severn Cullis-Susuki, the youngest winner of the Global 500 Environment Award.

Pollution Solution (board game)
designed by Lauren Isenberg Zinn, this game helps students and adults learn about environmental impact, 6th grade to adult.

Pollution: Problems and Solutions (book)
by the National Wildlife Association, 7th to 12th grade.

Riches from the Earth (video)
20 min., (National Geographic), older elementary to adult. Witness the exploitation of our earth's natural resources through the eyes of a Native American.
The Busy, Busy Planet (video)
The Busy, Busy Planet (video)
11 min., all ages, (American Plastics Council), explains how using and re-using plastics can save our natural resources. 3 copies.

Other Educational Resources

Recycling: Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why
Story Time: Stories and Talks with the 3Rs Theme
Shopping: The Choices We Make
Aluminum Recycling: Resource and Energy Savings
Mini Materials Recovery Facility (MRF): How Recycling Works
Garbage and Health
Closing the Loop: Buy Recycled
Landfills: Design and Purpose
Environmental and Solid Waste Legislation
How Things Recycle: Composting and Vermi-Composting
Paper Recycling
My Environment - for Pre-K to Grade 1
A Short History of Trash
Glass Recycling
Art and Activity Books
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