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Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council - Bringing Solid Waste Management and Education to Rural Communities

Shopping: The Choices We Make

Meets goals 12E, 13B, 15B

Affluenza (video)
Affluenza (video)
56 min., 5th grade to adult, A spoof TV special/documentary that takes a look at our over-consumptive, materialistic society.
Escape from Affluenza (video)
Escape from Affluenza (video)
sequel, 56min., 5th grade to adult, an excellent documentary showing how many people from all walks of life are scaling down their spending habits to attain a better quality of life and do less damage to the environment. The people interviewed give ideas on how to reduce consumption and live with "voluntary simplicity". I highly recommend this tape; it's better than the first video.

Other Educational Resources

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Shopping: The Choices We Make
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